COVID- 19 Protocols


Last updated: 2021-03-20


Ultramart is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe! As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have made some changes to our store to help employees and customers safe. We will continue to evaluate and amend our policies and make the changes as the situation evolves. Currently at our store we have the following protocols in place:

1.      Masks/ face coverings are mandatory upon entry – mask must cover both nose and mouth

2.      Additionally face shields may be worn with masks but not without.

3.      Temperature test is requires upon entry

4.      Limited number of customers at our local outlet stores

5.      Social distancing of 6ft while shopping

6.      Social distance at check out

7.      Cashiers are required to clean and sanitize stations after each customer

8.      Midday /1:00PM Store closure for cleaning and sanitization daily