About Us

Ultramart is a local community supermarket chain that offers high quality foods, friendly service and great prices! Our four branches, Ultramart on Micoud st, St.Louis st , Marchand and  Corinth,  provide much convenience to our customers in the neighboring  communicates. And now ,with the addition of our online store you can defiantly shop safe, and smart at Ultramart!

Our stores offers a convenient one-stop shop, varying brands and comfortable price range, catering to every customer, we seek only to serve and offer everything you need, and want here at our stores! From every day essentials and even specific special items, we have got you covered.

We pride ourselves in customer service and our friendly team will be more than willing to help both in stores and online, ready to offer you prompt assistance. Customer satisfaction is our number one policy. To you our loyal customers, we appreciate your business and say thank you.  We are working hard each day to continue to earn your business/loyalty.